The following is an excerpt from the upcoming book:

Forty Dollar No Limit Texas Holdem Ring and Tournament Games

by Kim Isaac Greenblatt, copyright 2007, all rights reserved.

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Hand #7
$40 NL SNG Tournament 

 1} Kim G              $470  9s 4h
 2) Player 2           $550  4c 4s
 3) Player 3           $500  Jh 8d
 4) Player 4           $500  Ac 9h
 5) Player 5           $490  Kh 7h
 6) Player 6           $540  2d 4d
 7) Player 7           $475  2c 2h
 8) Player 8           $400  Kc 5d
 9) Player 9           $575  Qd 6s
10) Player 10  D       $500  6d Th

Kim G posts small blind $10
Player 2  posts big blind $15
Player 3  folds
Player 4   calls $15
Player 5  folds


Player 6 prior to making the next move barely looked at his cards.  He just went ahead and made his move.

Player 6  raises $110
Player 7  folds
Player 8  folds
Player 9  folds
Player 10  folds


Normally, this would be a straight fold except I had been watching Player 6 and my feeling was that the move was a premeditated move rather than one based on the cards that the person actually had. 

What does that mean?

To me, it means that this person might have read a book on no limit play where the writer said you should bluff at a certain blah percentage to win the pots in tournaments etc and had planned that no matter what, this is where I am going to try for a steal.

At the time, not knowing from what the person did earlier, it could be that the person may have gotten away with a bluff earlier and figured that they wanted another stab at the cookie jar!

It was one of those moments where, if you were watching what was going on, you realized something just wasn’t right but you weren’t quite sure what.

I made my next move with the full understanding that I could be going home soon and possibly without cookies myself!


Kim G raises $345 (all-in)
Player 2  folds
Player 4  folds
Player 6  folds

Kim G wins $280 uncontested


Player 6 folded with a look of resignation.  I don’t attribute this to good play as much as good observation. If nothing else, it kept me around for a little bit longer at the game.

That is it for this brief segment for now - the rest of the tournament is in the book with other ring and tournament games and my observations and thoughts.

If you want to follow a NL ring game in it's entirety that I was in:

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If you have any comments, etc, please feel free to email me. The book should be out soon in the meantime please check out my book listed below if you like what you are reading for more on limit games (and SOME NL information).

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