Continuing the excerpt from Kim Greenblatt's book, Forty Dollar No Limit Texas Holdem Ring and Tournament Games, copyright 2007, all rights reserved.


Hand #1
$40 NL SNG Tournament 

 1} Kim G              $500  6s 8s
 2) Player 2           $500  Jd Kc
 3) Player 3           $500  5c Ah
 4) Player 4   D       $500  Qc 2s
 5) Player 5           $500  7d 2d
 6) Player 6           $500  5s 9c
 7) Player 7            $500  Ac 2h
 8) Player 8           $500  Jh 5h
 9) Player 9           $500  9h As
10) Player 10          $500  6d 4c

Player 5  posts small blind $10
Player 6  posts big blind $15
Player 7  folds
Player 8  folds
Player 9  folds
Player 10  folds


I generally am a ring game player and not a fan for tournament play.  When I sit down to a 40 NL SNG I either do it to just play something different or to kill time.  My own personal feeling is that there is too much luck involved with winning the tournaments and you have to hope that today is “your turn” to win providing you played the best game you possibly can as well as getting lucky!  Expect to be knocked out A LOT if you are planning on playing a lot of $40 NL single table tournaments.

Early in the game, one of the primary questions you should ask yourself is:

Do I want to grind my way to the final few players or take a shot early one?

There is no right way or wrong way to play it because frankly, you win just the same amount of money if you are knocked out in tenth place or third place – ZERO dollars!

Some players don’t want to bother to stay the time – they may be used to playing higher limit games and killing time themselves – that is good for you because it means one less player.  However be forewarned! You can be playing for a few hours and at the end of it have nothing to show for your efforts other than a poker war (or in a lot of cases, horror) story to tell.  Your decision as to how you want to play!

What would you do with my hand initially?  I hope you would fold, because that is what I did.

Kim G folds
Player 2  calls $15
Player 3  folds
Player 4   folds
Player 5  calls $5
Player 6  checks

FLOP:  8h 2c 5d
Player 5  checks
Player 6  bets $20
Player 2  folds
Player 5  calls $20

TURN:  8h 2c 5d 7h
Player 5  checks
Player 6  bets $170
Player 5  folds

Player 6  wins $85 uncontested

Hand #2
$40 NL SNG Tournament 


 1} Kim G              $500  Tc Ks
 2) Player 2           $485  Js Kd
 3) Player 3           $500  5s Ac
 4) Player 4           $500  Jh 7h
 5) Player 5  D        $465  4s 8c
 6) Player 6           $550  2c 5c
 7) Player 7           $500  7c 6s
 8) Player 8           $500  Qc 2s
 9) Player 9           $500  3d 5h
10) Player 10          $500  Th Td

Player 6  posts small blind $10
Player 7  posts big blind $15
Player 8  folds
Player 9  folds
Player 10  raises $40

At this point, I didn’t want to be the first person knocked out of the tourney so you let the “hand play itself”.  You’d fold, too, right?

Kim G folds
Player 2  folds
Player 3  folds
Player 4   folds
Player 5  folds
Player 6  folds
Player 7  folds

Player 10  wins $40 uncontested

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