FORTY DOLLAR NO LIMIT TEXAS HOLD'EM RING GAMES by Kim Isaac Greenblatt, copyright August 2007, All Rights Reserved


The easiest way to handle lady luck when she turns against you is to leave. You may want to try to ride it out but you have absolutely no idea how long your unlucky streak is going to last.

Please consider this from my own experience at live play!

$40 No Limit Texas Holdem ($1/$2)
Table with Mixed Aggression

Kim G $72.00 8c Ac
Player 2 $69.00 3s 8s
Player 3 $30.50 7c Jd
Player 4 $35.00 7s Td
Player 5 $27.00 Ts 4d
Player 6 D $30.00 6c Jc
Player 7 $56.00 7d 2d
Player 8 $65.00 8d 4h
Player 9 $46.50 4c Jh
Player 10 $31.00 9s Qh

Player 7 posts small blind $1
Player 8 posts big blind $2
Player 9 folds
Player 10 folds
Kim G calls $2
Player 2 folds
Player 3 folds
Player 4 folds
Player 5 folds
Player 6 folds
Player 7 raises $54 (all-in)
Player 8 folds
Kim G calls $54
Kim G shows 8c Ac
Player 7 shows 7d 2d

FLOP: Kc 2c 3c

TURN: Kc 2c 3c 2h

RIVER: Kc 2c 3c 2h Kd

Player 7 wins $110 with a Full House, Twos over Kings

Having dropped from $72 to $16 and going from the favorite before the flop, to the winner on the flop and back to the loser was rough. I rebought in back up to $40 and had that whittled away over the course of an hour. Enough was enough. It was just my time to stop for awhile and I did down $62.00! Player 7 ended up busting out and ended up leaving the table with zero! He had bought in once during the session that I was there so he was out at least $80.00.

Please don't feel bad about taking a break if you just aren't catching cards!

The moral of the story? The difference between a winning poker player and a gambling addict is $18.00! Wait! That didn't come out right!

In low limit $40 no limit you will also be rewarded for unpredictability like our friend Player 7 was as long as you don't try and push the envelope too far. He did and that is why he ended up going home broke.

What tends to win in the $40 no limit games? Made hands early in the hand where players who are drawing for straights or a flush are getting lousy odds. They generally end up just building the pot for you.

Will they always win? Of course not, but they tend to win the majority of the time.

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