excerpts from FORTY DOLLAR NO LIMIT TEXAS HOLD'EM RING GAMES by Kim Isaac Greenblatt, copyright August 2007, All Rights Reserved

 Hand #12
$40 No Limit Texas Holdem ($1/$2 NL)
Table With Mixed Aggression

 1} Kim G             $97  Qc Ks
 2) Player 2           $44  6s 3h
 3) Player 3 D         $37  Th 7s
 4) Player 4           $46  Ac 3c
 5) Player 5           $35  7d 7c
 6) Player 6           $35  4s As
 7) Player 7           $40  2d Kd
 8) Player 8           $29  9h 6h
 9) Player 9           $28  8s Ts
10) Player 10          $42  9c 8d

Player 4  posts small blind $1
Player 5  posts big blind $2
Player 6  folds
Player 7  folds
Player 8  folds
Player 9  folds
Player 10  folds

In NL games I am not thrilled with KQ not suited.  In the $40 NL games they get cracked a lot (or at least they SEEM to).  The price is right at least to see a flop.

Kim G calls $2
Player 2 folds
Player 3 folds
Player 4  calls $1
Player 5  checks

FLOP:  Js 5s 8c

Player 4  checks
Player 5  checks

There is a poker cliché “He (or she) who best first, generally wins in No Limit”.  Sometimes that I a good slogan to test.  My rationale was that if somebody raised me I might put them on two pair or trips and I could fold.

Kim G bets $2
Player 4  folds
Player 5  calls $2

TURN:  Js 5s 8c Qh
Player 5  checks

At this point I figured that there wasn’t a chance of a flush and unless the player was baiting me, which was unlikely, I felt I had him beat.  If he even held a Queen I figured statistically I had him with a better kicker.

Kim G bets $93 (all-in)
Player 5  folds

Kim G wins $9 uncontested
$1 raked.
 Hand #13
$40 No Limit Texas Holdem ($1/$2 NL)
Table With Mixed Aggression

 1} Kim G            $102  7c 2c
 2) Player 2          $44  Th 8h
 3) Player 3          $37  8s 8c
 4) Player 4  D      $44  6s 5h
 5) Player 5          $31  Qh Ac
 6) Player 6          $35  4h Jh
 7) Player 7          $40  3h Kh
 8) Player 8          $29  9h 3c
 9) Player 9          $28  Ad Kc
10) Player 10         $42  As Ks

Player 5  posts small blind $1
Player 6  posts big blind $2
Player 7  folds
Player 8  folds
Player 9  raises $5
Player 10  raises $35 (all-in)

This is one of those situations that I call “The Hand Plays Itself”.  In this case, the hand is easily folded!

Kim G folds
Player 2 folds
Player 3 folds
Player 4  folds
Player 5  folds
Player 6  folds
Player 9  folds

Player 10  wins $17 uncontested

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